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Prolight node for Node-RED

In the previous article on Node-RED, I talked about Art-Net node for communicating with DMX devices. In this article, I will build on that, and look into a specific device implementation.

During planning of Euroshop 2017 one requirement from the product owner was to simulate sunrise and sunset with a Prolights PixieWash. Sounds quite easy, but when you start looking into the details we found that we needed to create mathematical calculations to build arc transitioning algorithm.

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Art-Net and Node-RED join forces

During a visit to IBMs Client Center in Hursley, UK  I first familiarised myself with Node-RED, and I became quickly attracted to this practical platform so helpful in experimenting with new ideas and implementing them as fast working prototypes.

Later on, when preparing for the Euroshop 2017, where we really wanted to put up a show, I went for an excursion to Fellesverket Dragen where I came up with the idea about using DMX lights and moving heads connected to Node-RED and the Gunnebo Business Solution.

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