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Continuous Translation with Crowdin

The Gunnebo Business Solution software consists of many sub-projects and with customers spread across the world, localization and language is very important. To have an effective process, all the sub-projects uses Crowdin for translations, implemented into our Continuous Integration pipelines. Continuous Integration is a development practice that allows developers to integrate code into a shared repository several times a day. After check-in, the latest translations are pulled from Crowdin, and committed code is verified by automated builds allowing teams to detect problems early.

Introduction to Crowdin

Crowdin service enables merging of translation process into continuous integration pipeline for projects based on any kind of resource files dependles of localization.


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Social Agility

Today is Wednesday, and I am on my way to the bi-weekly sprint meeting with our team from ICB in Sofia, Bulgaria. Currently, we are working on task management routines in our web and mobile application, so this meeting will be focused on adding the final features to this epic, and hopefully, we will kick off another epic if we see that time limit allows this.


The most important principle of the Agile Manifesto is to value individuals and interactions more than processes and tools. Since these are individuals who bring in impressive result by contributing unique value to software development project.

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