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Microsoft Retail Inspiration Day

The digital transformation and customers’ new behaviors give you, as Retailers, both new opportunities and challenges.

On April 26th Gunnebo participated in the Microsoft Retail Inspiration Day where we spent an exciting day of focusing on retail. During the day, we explored the industry experience and inspired participants with solutions from Microsoft and partners to showcase new opportunities that the technology may imply.


I had the chance to listen it to some of the keynotes and found it very interesting. Focus og the day was to share insights about retailing, with practical demonstrations, Microsofts own and partners (Gunnebo GBS being one) solutions:

  • Engage Your Customers – Here we will look at solutions for creating a personalized and relevant customer experience throughout the purchase and all channels.
  • Strengthen your employees – How can your employees be better informed, become more productive to provide better and more personalized service to your customers.
  • Intelligent Processes – How can data help ensure the right products are in the right place at the right time and create intelligent business processes.

Of course we attended with our container, showing how making your store more efficient is the key to being a more competitive business. By becoming a connected store, the retailer not only simplify their operations, but you also improve the customer experience and increase security.


Gunnebo Retail Solutions is a software service that connects all your store’s technical and administrative support systems onto one open platform, accessible anytime and anywhere. The system automates manual processes, and via an easy-to-use app, real-time information is transmitted from store systems to the shop floor for an overview of daily operations.


Actionable Data

Get a quick overview of your business using the dashboard. Actionable data like conversion rate, is easily accessible anytime, anywhere, so you can make quick and business-aligned decisions.

Staff Optimisation

The right staff at the right time in the right place. Not as easy as it sounds. Gunnebo Retail Solutions interacts with all your store’s systems to make sure everything runs smoothly. If something needs actioning, the software will let the appropriate member of staff know before it becomes an issue. Over time the software can also help you plan your resources according to historical data and upcoming events.

Task Management

Limit manual checklists and breaches of communication, and ensure that tasks are executed on time by the right member of staff. Create tasks on the spot from the shop floor or set daily tasks according to your store policy. Tasks can be assigned to a group as well as an individual, and with a tick in the box you know the task has been completed.

Store Modes

Gunnebo Retail Solutions enables you to run your business smoothly. By separating the store day into phases – such as, pre-open, open, post-open and closed – you can automate processes by phase.

For example, when the store enters pre-open mode the lights are 70% strength and no music is played. Once the store enters open mode the music starts to play and light strength is at maximum. Staff will also be automatically directed to those areas where there are most customers.

Certain stages can also be connected to security rules, such as making the back office accessible during pre-open and post-open only.

Visitor Management & Follow-Up

Monitor visits to your stores and stay on top of who is onsite. By tracking your suppliers’ arrival and departure times, the accumulated time spent on the premises can be compared with received invoices. Self-registration at a touch screen means staff do not have to manage visitors and can focus their attention on the customers

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