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SSL/TLS Library for PIC24

Gunnebo is kicking off yet another open source project these days, a SSL/TLS library for the PIC24 microcontroller from Microchip. It is a mikroPascal library developed by and for the open source community. One of the most outstanding features of open source projects is that they offer immense opportunities for developers, who can share and learn through collaboration.

We have some of the greatest minds working on this, and hope to engage as many developers  from the open source community as possible in contribution to the library and its use.


With me I have Oleg Petrov, the manager of ICB`s Plovdiv branch. The company is Gold Partner of Microsoft and one of the oldest software companies in Bulgaria. His expertise is in Project management with Agile/Scrum methodology, and hobbies are Web Design and WordPress CMS. He also loves to create designs with html/css /bootstrap/Js.

Security and cryptography I trust to Jack Lloyd who has his professional focus in the areas of systems programming and security. In the past he has designed, built and maintained distributed systems used for source code control, trading of financial instruments, security scanning, and VoIP software. His security background includes code review, penetration testing, and designing, building, and testing cryptographic implementations and protocols

On the bytes, I have Zoran Ristic who is a highly experienced electronics and software engineer, working on integrations of both hardware and software. Moreover, Zoran is a certified mikroTik network engineer with deep understanding of routing and network administration procedures. In the course of years Zoran has been involved in a number of projects involving MSSQL database administration, Embedded programming, C# and Delphi programming, Node Red and NodeJS programming, Linux administration, Windows Server 2008 and 2012 administration and embedded systems compilers development.

On the bits, I have Florin Medrea, with key competence within PCB design, micro-controller firmware design, assembly and MikroPascal language for AVR, ARM, PIC family.

The library is located on GitHub and we encourage you to contribute 🙂

Micropascal ssl library

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